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Field-Grown Organic Wheatgrass

Wheat Grass: Natural Digestive Support for Dogs & Cats

What is wheat grass?

If you keep an eye on health trends, wheat grass has definitely crossed your radar. With human health benefits ranging from support for your immune system to lowered blood sugar and cholesterol levels, it’s no surprise it’s a hot commodity. Today, you can find it in health food stores and smoothie shops across the country. 

As it turns out, wheat grass doesn’t just deliver a health boost to humans. It’s also great for cats and dogs. So let’s take a look at what it is — and what it can do for your furry family members. 

Where we get wheat grass

As its name suggests, wheatgrass comes from wheat. But wait, isn’t wheat already a grass? Yes. What we call wheatgrass is the wheat plant before it develops any gluten. 

Wheat grass gets harvested before the wheat can develop further, when it still looks like turf grass. From there, it’s usually pressed into a juice or dehydrated and ground into a powder. It has an earthy taste and a vibrant green color.

So, why all the hype? Because what looks like a simple grass delivers a ton of nutrient density. 

The perks for pets

Whether it’s consumed by a dog, cat, or human, wheatgrass delivers:

  • Antioxidants
  • Fiber
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Chlorophyll
  • Amino acids
  • Enzymes

Because your pet can’t talk, they can’t tell you if they feel an energy boost from their wheat grass. But that doesn’t mean you can’t observe the benefits. Plenty of pet owners choose it because they notice a marked improvement in their pet’s digestion once wheatgrass is in the mix. 

The enzymes and fiber in it support your pet’s digestive processes. It can help to relieve constipation and gassiness, boosting your pet’s wellness while making your own life easier (no more fruitless “potty walks”). 

Long story short: if you’re looking for a natural, nutrient-dense way to support your cat or dog’s digestion, look no further than wheat grass. 

Getting the good stuff

Like any plant, how wheat grass is grown and harvested makes a difference in its nutritional density. To make sure your pet gets as many benefits as possible, we use wheatgrass that’s grown outdoors, not in trays, through a cold winter to encourage a deep root structure. This boosts nutrient absorption into the wheatgrass. 

Once the grass is harvested, it gets dehydrated and pressed right away (within two hours) to preserve its nutritious properties. Finally, it gets ground into a fine powder to make all of the goodness bioavailable and easy to digest for your dog or cat. 

Then, we add that to our King Lou Digestive Support Bone Broth Booster with just one other ingredient: bone broth from grass-fed cows. That means your pet gets all of the benefits of bone broth — from a boosted immune system to reduced inflammation — paired with the digestive support of the highest quality wheat grass available.

And you get an easy way to work it into their diet. You can sprinkle the powder straight on top of dry or wet food or mix it into warm water for a delicious, nutritious broth your pet will love. 

Sound good? Get your booster today.

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