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sweet potatoes

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One single ingredient: non-GMO sweet potatoes

Thinly sliced and low-temperature DEHYDRATED RAW into crunchy chips.

Naturally rich in Fiber to support digestive health.

*Contains 1 lb of fresh potatoes, prior to dehydration

Super Treats For Dogs & Cats

King Lou products are inspired by real life, and made for real life. We created King Lou to give responsible pet parents a better option. Made only with whole food, human-grade ingredients sourced 100% from the USA; and minimally processed to preserve maximum nutrition.

Real Benefits

Every pet deserves the best. Our single-ingredient Super Treats are made with nutrient-dense, whole food ingredients, which means real benefits to keep your pups healthy and happy.

Really Good Sourcing

Our single-ingredient Super Treats are hand-made in small batches with human-grade ingredients responsibly sourced 100% from the USA, and packaged in sustainable materials.

Vet Approved

"The ingredients are naturally rich in nutrients that support specific health concerns like hip & joint, skin & coat, and heart health. I give these treats to my own dogs, and could not recommend this
amazing company more."

-Dr Laura Robinson, DVM

Customer Reviews

Based on 173 reviews
Stephanie Lee

I don’t buy any other brand. I get my pup one of every kind of treats and she loves them all!

Alejandra Suarez

My Dog Star eating again! Thanks for amazing products

Lucero Aguilar
Stinky breath, no more!

I have been giving my dog these duck feet for 2 weeks now and they are amazing. It’s so uncomfortable for my dog when I have to brush his teeth and honestly, I just don’t like doing it 😭. So, I got these and they work! They don’t have extra ingredients that make these types of treats unhealthy and my dog loves them. He does a cute dance around it before he eats it or runs back and forth in the living room from excitement. 5/5, I recommend!

Jane Phimanpommachak
Best treats ever ever ever!

We love all King Lou’s product! You can tell it’s the best ingredient every time we order. We are so happy and pleased with the quality. Fast shipping, super friendly customer service! We are a huge fan and will continue to order over and over again!

Hannah Wherry
My dogs love it

They anxiously await the treat drawer opening and I love how it takes them time to chew through the feet. I got the sample pack can’t wait to try more.

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