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chicken wing tips

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One single ingredient: chicken wing tips

Low-temperature DEHYDRATED RAW whole, into a crunchy and chewy snack.

Naturally rich in Collagen, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin to support hip & joint health

*Contains at least 30 chicken wing tips per pouch

Super Treats For Dogs & Cats

King Lou products are inspired by real life, and made for real life. We created King Lou to give responsible pet parents a better option. Made only with whole food, human-grade ingredients sourced 100% from the USA; and minimally processed to preserve maximum nutrition.

Real Benefits

Every pet deserves the best. Our single-ingredient Super Treats are made with nutrient-dense, whole food ingredients, which means real benefits to keep your pups healthy and happy.

Really Good Sourcing

Our single-ingredient Super Treats are hand-made in small batches with human-grade ingredients responsibly sourced 100% from the USA, and packaged in sustainable materials.

Vet Approved

"The ingredients are naturally rich in nutrients that support specific health concerns like hip & joint, skin & coat, and heart health. I give these treats to my own dogs, and could not recommend this
amazing company more."

-Dr Laura Robinson, DVM

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Both pets love them!

I’ve been looking for some type of chew for my cat and stumble upon these chicken wing tips. He was a bit hesitant at first but once he realized what it was, he happily carried it to his cat tree to chew on.
Our pup also enjoys them and when he’s finished with one stares at us to see if we will give him another.

Julie Whitesell
My dogs love all the different treats!!

From the Chicken hearts to the new Chicken wing tips, my beagles get very excited when they see the bags! I feel good about giving them treats that are not highly processed, and they love them!!

D Brooker
My Yorkie Loves King Lou’s treats

My Yorkie loves King Lou’s treats. Especially Beef Heart Jerky and his new best treat is Chicken Wing tips.


My dogs truly enjoy these treats! I’m happy knowing they’re healthy for them.

Lisa Anderson
My pups have never been happier

They love these treats so much and I love that I am giving them treats that aren’t filled with filers and junk.

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